Be careful: some low-level stuff in here

Diagnostics Kit

It's a set of applications which together built a comprehensive solution for monitoring ASP.NET web applications and Windows services. What's important: it is open source and FREE.

Diagnostics Tools

A collection of my open source tools for diagnosing .NET and Windows applications. You may also find here Bazik - a tool for monitoring SQL Server databases.

Debug recipes

A repository of my notes collected while debugging various .NET and Windows problems. You can find here commands with example usages, scripts and other debugging materials.


From time to time I give presentations for different .NET groups. You may here find materials from those events. Please follow the link also when you are interested in a diagnostics presentation or training in your company.

About me

My name is Sebastian Solnica and I'm a .NET developer deeply interested in debugging, profiling and application security. On this site you may find various materials I released in these matters, as well as tools and scripts for diagnosing and monitoring applications.

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